Morpheus8 Body

Deep Tissue Remodeling
60+ min
Anesthesia is required for patient comfort. Actual treatment time will vary depending upon the size of the area(s). An abdomen treatment typically takes 30 minutes.
4+ weeks
Since this type of radio frequency treatment is "injected" into the skin, results are visible faster than other topical RF treatments. Most patients will require at least 2 treatments for optimal results. Results are visible 4 - 6 weeks after the last session.
For ease of pricing, we have 3 treatment sizes: small, medium, and large areas. Pricing starts at $1,100.
2 weeks
The most common side effects include swelling and itching. Redness is also common and can last up to 2 weeks. For proper healing, we recommend decreasing sun exposure for at least 1 week after treatment.


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