AI Driven Hair Analysis
HairMetrix analyzes the scalp and hair follicles in real time generating detailed information that Premier providers can use to determine a treatment plan and monitor results for hair loss patients. The best part - there's no need to clip any hair.

This service is included with all hair loss treatment plans.
Real-Time Results

HairMetrix uses the latest AI algorithms to immediately analyze unclipped hair in a multitude of ways:

  • hair count per square centimeter
  • sum of hair width per square centimeter
  • terminal to vellus hair ratio
  • average number of hairs per follicular unit
  • average hair width
  • follicle count per square centimeter
  • inter-follicular mean distance

Coupling it's brilliant magnification with analytical data, HairMetrix allows our providers to monitor hair growth for anyone experiencing hair loss with easy-to-understand clinical reporting.


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