Melanage Peels

Melasma is a condition in which pools of pigment appear on the the skin. Most commonly, these pigmented areas appear as a "mask" on the face. Hormonally driven and not laser-friendly, this type of pigment is best corrected with a potent chemical peel. The Melanage Ultra Peel is performed as a single treatment. Peeling will occur as the skin is brightened.
20 min
Melanage Peels take very little time in office. Patients will leave the clinic with a solution on the skin and will be instructed when to remove the product at home.
Unlike many peels, Melanage peels do not burn or sting during application.
1+ treatment
Available in 2 forms, Melanage Ultra Peel and Melanage MiniPeel allow aestheticians to customize your experience. Typically, only one treatment of Melanage Ultra is needed whereas a series of 3 MiniPeels are suggested. Results are visible 7 to 10 days after peeling.
Peeling is a side effect of Melanage Peels and can be expected to last from day 3 to day 10 post treatment. Mild redness or itchiness is also common while peeling. Sun exposure must be avoided while the skin is healing. Melanage Peels include a complete post-care skincare regimen.


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