You plan every single detail - the invitations, the venue, the flowers, the dress, the shoes, the food...

Don't forget about your glow!  Feeling your most confident is important every day.  But on "The Big Day," your radiance will live on!  Premier skin experts know the importance of wedding planning and hope to get your skin into glowing shape for your walk down the aisle.  It's never too soon or too late to get your skin event-day ready.  We have solutions.  Let's get started! 

Lexi Fields is Premier's Cosmetic Coordinator, and she is the gateway to a customized treatment plan.  To get started with any skin improving product or service, Lexi first wants to understand your skin.  By using a tool called VISIA, she is able to see any underlying issues that are sometimes not visible to the naked eye.  VISIA's camera identifies some of the most common skin conditions such as wrinkle depth, pore size, presence of bacteria, sun damage, redness, and even the length of your lashes!  With clean skin and a VISIA analysis, Lexi will develop a customized plan for your unique skin.  

Check out a past blog post about a patient's VISIA experience and how it kick-started her skin goals.

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Repeat after us: "skincare that stays on the shelf will never change my skin."  For event-ready skin, using quality skincare is non-negotiable.  Not only do we desire to improve blemishes, discoloration, and fine lines, but we also want to give our brides true radiance - the glow from within.  By recommending clinically-proven formulations packed with antioxidants, peptides, and hydration, we see drastic improvements in the skin. 

After your VISIA Analysis (step 1), Lexi will suggest the exact products that your skin needs.  She literally takes the guess work out!    

Because we know what glowing skin craves, we've also created a few regimens that are universally effective at improving skin radiance.  We've even included a simple regimen for guys, too.

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For wedding party members with bigger goals (or a shorter time frame), we recommend pairing skincare with in-office treatments.  Consider skincare to be your skin's journey by car.  In-office treatments are your skin's journey by plane.  Both will get you great results, but in-office treatments will get you there quicker.  Combine them both, and you've got radiant skin!  

Treatments to improve the appearance of the face and neck are absolutely the most popular for anyone in a wedding.  Here are our top event-ready skin recommendations: 

Botox Juvederm DiamondGlow
Dysport Restylane  HydraFacial
  RHA  Halo Glow
    Clear + Brilliant


For many members of the wedding party, getting the entire body in tip-top shape is key.  For the bride in particular, we know that the decollete and back are often exposed and sometimes need some extra attention.  Here are our most recommended treatments for an event-ready body:

CoolSculpting Emsculpt DiamondGlow DiamondGlow
EvolveTrim EvolveTone BBL HydraFacial


We spend a lot of time helping our patients improve their skin.  That's why we only recommend cosmetics that are actually good for the skin!  Ingredients matter.  We recommend Jane Iredale and Dermablend Pro products.  

By taking a skin-first approach, we are passionate about improving the health of the skin and then using cosmetics to accentuate your best features...not using makeup to hide your skin issues.

Lexi Fields, Cosmetic Coordinator, is also a very talented makeup artist.  Stay tuned for her latest blog post about wedding day looks!